Autel BLOCKBUSTER UPGRADE Password-Free Toyota 4A Smart Key Creation

Autel MaxiIM Series

Newly Added! World Debut! 2021-Corolla HV . Corolla Touring/HV . Corolla Sport/HV . Corolla Cross/HV 4A Smart Key Model . Smart Key Add . Smart Key Delete . All Key Lost Immobilizer Data Backup – Analog Key Generation

New Software Added! Supports Add/Erase and all key lost for4A Smart-Key equipped Corolla HV, Corolla Touring HV, Corolla Sport HV, and Corolla Cross HV Toyota models of 2019-2021. Use Autel’s APB112 Smart Key Emulator and G-Box2 to read data from the immobilizer, eliminating the need for a password to add a 4A Smart Key.

For Toyota:
Adds Add Smart Key, Erase Smart Key, PEPS Reset, Back up IMMO Data and Generate Analog Key functions for 4A smart key-equipped models of 2021 below: Corolla (fuel/HV), Corolla Touring (fuel/HV), Corolla Sport (fuel/HV), Corolla Cross (fuel/HV) and Levin (fuel/HV). [First released password-free functions]